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Home Repairs - Home Upgrades Cost Estimates

Each of our completed home inspections includes a copy of our residential construction and remodelling estimator guide complete with estimated costs to upgrade or replace the major systems and components in a typical home. This handy construction cost estimating guide covers every imaginable renovation or repair to your home in order to assist you determine the approximate cost of planned renovations or repairs. What's more it's FREE with each home inspection. It's included as part of our Home Inspection Report.
Home Renovation and Repair cost estimates.
Please Note:
• The estimates contained herein include the supply and installation of average quality building materials and professional workmanship. We have used a 1,400 square foot, 2-storey, 3 bedroom house as our model.
• Costs will obviously increase with upgraded quality selections and inherent complications with the job at hand.
• We recommend that you obtain a minimum of three written quotes from reputable licensed local contractors in order to validate the actual final cost of your repair or renovation.
• All prices are approximate and are in Canadian dollars.
• Regional Pricing Adjustment: Multiply price by .85 for rural areas and Atlantlc Provinces.

The Renovation and Construction Costs Guide shown below contains only a small portion of the actual guide which our clients receive as part of our Home Inspection services. A full version of the renovation and estimating guide is available by following this link -> Online preview of the complete Renovation and Construction Guide.

Home Renovation and Repair Cost Estimating Guide

Sloped Roofs
  asphalt shingles $2.00/sq. ft.
  low slope application $3.00/sq. ft.
  cedar shakes $10.00/sq. ft.
  cedar shingles $8.00/sq. ft.
  slate tiles $15.00+/sq. ft.
  clay, concrete tiles $7.00 - $9.00/sq. ft.
  Removal of existing shingles, dumping charges: $1.25 - $1.75/sq. ft.
  chimney flashing $100.00 - $400.00 ea.
  wall flashing $4.00 - $5.00/lin. ft.
  roof vents $75.00 ea.

  underpinning $175.00 - $200.00/lin. ft.
  lowering basement floor (bench method) $120.00/lin. ft.
  recreation room remodelling $40.00/sq. ft.
  to construct basement apartment $40.00 - $60.00/sq. ft.
  excavation/waterproofing exterior foundation $18.00/sq. ft.

Upgrade of main service to:
  100 amps $1,200.00 - $1,800.00
  200 amps (with existing underground) $2,160.00 - $2,520.00
  16 circuit auxiliary panel $420.00 - $540.00 ea.
  electrical permit (major work) $180.00
New Work
  per plug, switch, light* $54.00 - $60.00 ea.
  stove and dryer plugs $120.00 ea.
  bathroom, exterior GFI plug $72.00 - $84.00 ea.
  bathroom exhaust fan $162.00 - $180.00 ea.
  doorbell system $96.00 - $120.00 ea.
  kitchen receptacles $120.00 ea.
  oven exhaust fan $360.00 - $420.00 ea.
  electric smoke detectors $72.00 - $96.00 ea.
  install dryer duct $60.00 - $84.00 ea.

  top soil and sod $1.50/sq. ft.
  tree removal $600.00 ea.
  wood/vinyl windows $50.00/sq. ft
  aluminum windows $30.00/sq. ft.
  aluminum storm windows $100.00 - $200.00 ea.
  aluminum porch enclosures $10.00/lin. ft.
  fixed thermal glass (existing frames) $18.00/sq. ft.

  steel insulated doors $700.00 ea.
  solid wood doors $900.00 ea.
  6' aluminum patio door $1,300.00 ea.
  6' wood patio door $1,800.00 ea.
  aluminum storm door $350.00 ea.

  pressure treated lumber (5' high) $22.00/lin. ft.
  cedar (5' high) $28.00/lin. ft.
  chain link (4' high) $10.00/lin. ft.

  additions $100.00 - $120.00/sq. ft. +
  renovations $100.00 - $140.00/sq. ft.
  complete kitchen renovation $15,000.00+
  complete kitchen renovation $9,000.00+

  sink & faucets $660.00
  dishwasher connection $330.00
  garberator $660.00
  vegetable sprayer $60.00

  sheet vinyl $8.00/sq. ft. +
  carpet + underpad $4.00/sq. ft. +
  hardwood floor refurbishing (natural finish) $2.00 - 2.50/sq. ft.
  hardwood floor refurbishing (stain) $3.00 - 3.50/sq. ft.
  ceramic floor tile $15.00/sq. ft.+

  wireless motion detectors $500.00
  wired system $1,300.00+
  alarm monitoring $30.00/month

The prices in this guide are not exact and serve only as a minimum guide for the above listed renovations.

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